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To operate at top efficiency in today’s difficult business environment, manufacturers must have complete confidence that their major supplier agreements and accounts payable processes are fully protecting their company’s interests. AMS-PAR offers recognized expertise to help your management team evaluate and improve expenditure controls.

We will help recover profits lost to vendor overpayments, contract misinterpretations, or other payment errors. With our team on your side, you will have a higher level of assurance that your traditional supply agreements, new project expenditures, and accounts payable processes are operating accurately and fully protecting your company’s interests.

Our reviews are self-funding, require minimal client staff involvement, and result in detailed reporting of findings and recommendations for process and procedural improvement.


AMS-PAR uses the latest in technology enabling our staff and partners to execute their tasks with the most efficiency possible. Our Information Systems and data are secured to meet governmental requirements. Recent changes to our technology stack includes virtualization of our servers and storage.


AMS-PAR professionals are among the most experienced in the business with an average of 25+ years in related fields. Each consultant has strong analytical skills and industry expertise. We seek out and retain those with demonstrated expertise and skills.

Our Difference

All potential service providers offer widely differing levels of scope and review intensity. At AMS-PAR we offer our clients a higher level of assurance through proper planning, execution, and reporting. We believe that the client is best served by customizing our review to meet its unique and distinct needs.


AMS-PAR services the needs of a diverse client base ranging from small independent firms to international conglomerates. Our well trained teams travel the globe to ensure our client’s interests are protected.